Showing My Roots


artist unknown

artist unknown

In response to the beautiful poem, “Where I’m From” by George Ella Lyon, I submit my own history. Where are you from?

I am from young love.

I am from sacrifice, doggedness and the

dashed dreams of a teenage heart.

I am from secrets and mystery.

I am of silence too loud and hearts barely spoken.

From wild, rebel spirits and stubborn longing.

I am of running away and running towards.

Of moving apart and moving on. 

I am of freckles and knobby knees.

From azalea bushes, magnolias and Spanish moss.

From bayous and crawfish boils.

I am of long walks and bicycle rides.

I am from dirt roads and gravel drives.

From aluminum houses and brick retreats.

I am of swing sets and clotheslines.

I am from melodies bred in the deep.

I am of daydreams and hunger.

Of whispered prayers shouted from the soul.

I am from laughter and tears, from solitude and fears.

I am of hope and I am of despair.

Of tragedies and miracles.

I am of animal lovers and art makers.

Of healers, diviners and medicine women.

I am of believers and skeptics, of sinners and saints.

I am from the leavers and the taken,

From those who knew not what they did.

I am of wounded hearts made new.

I am from many unknowns and truths yet to be seen.

I am from all of this and so much more.

I am now of eyes peering into what will be.

Of heart and body soaking in the now.

I am of living prayers and dancing feet.


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